J&J Innovation – Spotlight on LabCentral

February 19, 2015

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*Please note that this event is not at LabCentral

Time:  11:00AM - 12:30PM
Location:  J&J Innovation Center, 255 Main Street, 7th Floor,  Cambridge, MA 02143

J&J Innovation – Spotlight on LabCentral

A unique opportunity for LabCentral resident companies to meet with the team at J&J Innovation. If you would like the opportunity to present on your scientific progress in an informal setting, contact Sammy Lifson.

General Agenda:
11:00am | Intro by Robert Urban, Head of J&J Innovation Center, Boston
11:05am | Presentations (5 minutes each + Q&A)
11:55am | Closing Remarks
12:00pm | Lunch
12:30pm | Program Close