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Founded in 2021, LabCentral Ignite is a first-of-its-kind platform with a singular mission to harness the power of community to boldly address systemic racial, gender and other underrepresentation in the life sciences and biotech in Boston and beyond.

We envision a new era for biotech that taps fully into the talents and perspectives of Black, Indigenous, Latino, women and other historically excluded students and professionals to solve the world’s biggest problems with creative science. 

Through the lens of a Kindergarten to Boardroom approach our efforts intentionally aim at all levels to broaden pipelines, shore up challenges, remove barriers, and reduce the likelihood that young professionals will choose offramps out of the life sciences.

2022 Impact Report

In its second full year of operation, LabCentral Ignite demonstrated explosive growth in service of its bold mission of creating a more diverse and equitable biotech industry in Boston (and beyond). In 2022, Ignite nearly doubled its full-time staff, launched a range of new programming and initiatives leveraging strategic partnerships, and further supported workforce development and training efforts providing access and opportunity to underrepresented demographics within the life sciences.

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2021 Impact Report

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