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Art Reception: Rachel von Roeschlaub Maniatis

March 26, 2015

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Time: 5:30PM - 7:30PM
Location: LabCentral Café & Gallery Wall


Please join us for a night of whimsy and graphics as we showcase the color rich paintings of Rachel von Roeschlaub Maniatis. Rachel is a self taught artist, and has exhibited her work at art galleries in New York, Boston, Maine, and Washington, DC. After a brief career in professional tennis, Rachel studied chemistry at the University of Montana and received an M.S. in organic chemistry from the University of Oregon. 

Rachel’s passion for science and art intertwined in 2003 when her whimsical acrylic paintings of biological themes were featured on the covers of leading industry magazines and journals. Rachel's most recent series of work incorporates fingerprints personally provided by Nobel Prize recipients, entertainers and philanthropists. A portrait of the subject is layered over the fingerprint, leaving the viewer with both a biological mark and a more subjective expression of the person within Rachel's characteristically vibrant canvas.

Rachel’s work has been collected by the American Association of Arts and Science, the Harvard University Bio Labs, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Dr. James Watson, Dr. Richard Axel, Glenn Close, and Mike Mills (bass guitarist for R.E.M.), among others.