MilliporeSigma Tech Day

October 16, 2018

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LabCentral 700

Location: Lobby
Time: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Meet MilliporeSigma Experts!

Our sponsor MilliporeSigma understands Biotech Startup challenges and their Life Sciences group gathers the most extended and comprehensive portfolio to help you bring your drug from research to manufacturing. If you have challenges in cell line development or purification come to talk to their experts at this expert tech day/lunch. They have the answers to your toughest problems!

The Experts:

  • Matthew Hall - Biodevelopment – Cell, Gene Therapy, mAb, ADC outsourcing capabilities
  • Ian Lyons - Commercial Cell Lines/Cell Line Development/ Cell Line Engineering
  • Matthew Mandeville - Molecular Biology and Cell Culture
  • Alexandra Steele - Chemically Defined Cell Culture Media
  • Christine Woods - Research Serum
  • David Young - Formulation and Bioavailability
  • Al Reger - Clarification / TFF
  • Bruce Hoffmann & Ana Gregio - Chromatography
  • Kelly Barrett-Neary - Biomarker and Immunoassay, Instrument and Protein
  • Don McCarthy - Biomonitoring
  • Kenneth Weber - QC and Analytical Chemistry
  • Alicia Allaire - Flow Cytometry
  • Christopher Kiley - Labwater Equipment and Applications
  • Nadia Brugger & Sarah Trice - Synthia Organic Retrosynthesis Software and Service
  • Kim Ramsey - Product Characterization - BioReliance Services