Literati SPECIAL

September 10, 2018

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LabCentral 700

This will be no ordinary Literati meeting. We will be joined by the author, our very own Hannu Rajaniemi - CEO of HelixNano. How does he find time to write sci-fi and run a startup? This is your chance to find out!

“How do you catch a man who’s already dead?”

This is the question posed by Hannu in Summerland, a genre-bending narrative set in an alternate history where a great metropolis has been founded in the afterlife. As the British and the Soviets compete for the power to build a god, an SIS agent tries to catch a Soviet mole who’s already dead.  A mix of speculative fiction, science fiction, and espionage, Summerland is a book you don’t want to miss.

In addition, during the meeting, we will be raffling 3 signed copies of the novel. Be sure to come by the front desk for a chance to win!