Increasing Success in Drug Discovery by Biomarkers: An Interactive Symposium

September 14, 2016

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Time: 4:00PM - 7:00PM
Location: Playroom


In this highly interactive event, we will take Alzheimer’s drug discovery as a biomarker case study.

This is not solely an ‘Alzheimer symposium’: many of the emerging insights and concepts of this research will apply to other diseases as well.  Experts in Alzheimer’s disease and biomarkers from the US as well as the Biomarker Bay consortium from the Netherlands will be present.  They will share their new data and discuss emerging trends and novel insights.  Join us and dive into this exciting field to connect with your colleagues from around the world!

4:00 - Introduction by Johannes Freuhauf, LabCentral & Rudy Schreiber, Suadeo, Boston
4:15 - The big picture: the role of biomarkers in drug discovery. Presented by Martin Smit, University Medical Center Groningen in the Netherlands.
4:30 - Understanding the challenges: identification and validation of biomarkers. Presenters: Ymke van der Geld & Ep Oosting, Biomarker Bay, Groningen.
4:45 - Case Study Alzheimer’s: overview of biomarkers. Presented by Steven Arnold, Massachusetts General Hospital.
5:00 - Break
5:15 - Tau biomarkers in AD and other tauopathies. Presented by Judith Steen from Boston Children’s Hospital
5:30 - Presentation on Alzheimer Imaging Biomarkers. Speaker to be confirmed
5:45 - Panel discussion
6:00 - Networking opportunities with drinks