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Gallery 1832 Presents: Crossing Continents - Women of South Asia and Africa

April 4, 2024

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LabCentral 238 & Bayer Co.Lab

Gallery 1832 is back with a new exhibit and art reception! Crossing Continents: Women of South Asia and Africa will take you on a visual journey that transcends borders and celebrates the rich cultural tapestry of South Asia and Africa featuring the evocative works of artists Piya Samant and Abu Mwenye.

While predominantly showcasing the beauty and strength of women from these regions, this two-person art exhibit also invites exploration beyond gender boundaries. Through a captivating collection of oil paintings, delve into the nuanced experiences, vibrant traditions, and resilient spirits of individuals who defy limitations.

From intricate portraits to sweeping landscapes, each brushstroke tells a story, inviting you to celebrate the diverse narratives and collective humanity that transcend continents. Join us as we bridge cultures and honor the power of art to unite and inspire.

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