Opera & the Art of Corporate Communication

April 25, 2023

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LabCentral 700

Location: 700 Main Lobby
Time: 12PM-1:00PM


"You are your voice, and that's the first impression you get." – Jared Lafitte.

Whether you are a CEO making an investor pitch, a scientist communicating a new concept, or simply someone who regularly uses their voice in their profession, a powerful speaking voice can prove to be an asset!

So, what do opera singers and scientists have in common? Can opera help with corporate communication skills and stage presence?

This April, join LabCentral for a stimulating session on how to enhance your scientific and executive storytelling by considering posture and emotion. Hear from opera singer, teacher, and Seismic team member,  Christina Devaughn, on how she draws from her passion for her craft to enrich and establish her presence in the classical music field.

“There are many similarities between public speaking and singing.  In both we must be able to make a connection with our audience. We must stand firm and be confident”.

Christina will share presentation tips with the audience before treating us to a special live performance, followed by a fireside chat alongside Jo Viney.