Chalk Talk with GRO Biosciences

March 24, 2022

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LabCentral 700

Join us for this month's Chalk Talk featuring resident company, GRO Biosciences.


GRO Biosciences aims to identify and solve holy grail problems in medicine. They search for unmet clinical needs that their platform can uniquely address. From autoimmune conditions to metabolic diseases, they are only scratching the surface of possibilities to improve the lives of patients!

GRObio’s mission is to leverage the unprecedented capabilities of NSAAs in their GRO platform to overcome longstanding limitations in protein therapeutics and bring better health outcomes to patients. Their biofoundry pairs computational protein design with sophisticated robotics, bringing sea-change acceleration to the development of NSAA therapeutics.

Sign up today to hear from Chief Science Officer, Co-Founder, and Director, Dr. Christopher Gregg as he chats with us GRObio's science! He has developed technologies for multiplexed genome engineering in microbial systems and brings leading expertise in genome design, microbial fermentation, and glycobiology of the immune system.