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Bayer Co.Lab Meet the Experts Series

June 14, 2023

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Between Science & Ethics: the Power of Innovation – How to Use it Bioethically?

You are invited to join the first session of the Bayer Co.Lab Meet with Experts Series. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss the most critical bioethics questions facing the life science industry today with leading experts in an informal setting.

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  • Opening Remarks from Dr. Mike Devoy, CMO of Bayer AG and Ex. VP for Medical Affairs and Pharmacovigilance of the Pharmaceutical Division of Bayer AG
  • Round table discussions with members of the Bayer Bioethics Council
  • Lunch and networking with Bayer senior leadership and members of the Bayer Bioethics Council

​Participants are invited to engage in round table conversations with members of the council on the most relevant ethical questions related to topics such as:

  • Altering human cells and genes – the thin line between treatment of a disease and enhancement
  • Deep technology in the hands of citizen scientists – the role of the expert community for creating long-term societal acceptance & trust in science
  • Modern Ag and gene editing – from single, to multiple edits, to gene writing
  • Using health data for research – between data privacy and maximizing innovation potential
  • AI-based decision-making – overcoming bias and ensuring human control

Bayer Co.Lab Cambridge is located at 238 Main Street 2nd Floor, Cambridge, MA 02142.

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