Snow Angel Sox Monkey

Art Reception: Thomas H. Durand

January 17, 2017

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Exhibit on display from December 15, 2016 - February 13, 2017

Time: 5:00PM - 7:00PM
Location: Gallery 1832

Please join us for an evening of art and conversation as we have the unique opportunity to hear directly from Thomas H. Durand about his photography.  Originally from New York City, Thomas is a graduate of the Museum School of Fine Arts and an active painter, photographer and artists advocate in the Boston area. The sox monkey doll became his photographic subject after a particularly personal time of crisis. At the time, these handmade, depression era, dolls were the perfect figures to express the seemingly never-ending, raw emotions he was experiencing. As a friend of his once said whilst trying to explain the monkey thing to a friend, ”He took the monkey off his back and put it in front of the camera.”

Thomas’ images are simultaneously playful, hopeful and even comforting. Between the images, their titles and the human experiences they evoke, there are often multiple ways of entering and engaging his work that bring tears to some and laughter to others.