Art Reception - Beyond Labels

October 13, 2021

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Time: 4PM-5PM
Location: Virtual

What is a medical diagnosis? “Gnosis” means knowledge in Greek in reference to a potential disease or disorder. Medical diagnoses tend to act as exclusive explanations for a persons symptoms and often become descriptive labels for the whole human being. The two artists in this show are brought together by the idea of challenging and overcoming medical conditions which inform their internal strength, patience, and resilience. 

Flor Delgadillo explores the body's mobility and mind patterns using portable EEG headsets, challenging gender binaries, and confronting athletic ability. Her work challenges medical expectations due to identified diagnosis and has largely been influenced by the experience of routine EEG tests and medical observations.

Valerie Imparato’ work similarly resists labels by exploring the challenges of coping with her mother’s unlabeled rare disease, as well as the pathologized labels of blackness and womanhood. 

This October come explore what it means to live beyond labels.