DEI Survey Suite

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LabCentral Ignite is happy to introduce Surveys for Employee Engagement in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (SEE DEI), a first-of-kind survey suite designed for life sciences companies to measure maturity in approaching topics of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and employee engagement. SEE DEI surveys allow your team to track progress year-over-year on maturity and employee engagement. 

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SEE DEI is free for early-stage startups (<50 full-time employees) to participate and consists of two surveys

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DEI Maturity Survey

One company leader answers questions on a wide variety of diversity, equity, and inclusion based organizational attributes, policies, processes, and best practices that provide insights into your organization’s DEI maturity. Your organization will be provided with personalized complimentary resources to support development of practices that enhance inclusion, diversity and equity within your team.

DEI Engagement & Benchmark Survey

Every employee in your company will receive an engagement survey. This survey collects data about your team’s demographics/life identities, and provides an anonymous way for employees to express sentiments regarding your team culture, inclusionary and equitability practices. Participating companies receive an anonymized report summarizing your team’s data (for teams >10) and a comparative report to benchmark your team against other companies. Teams with <10 employees will receive an aggregated report that includes comparable companies of similar size to protect anonymity, and a basic report of sentiment trends expressed by >5 employees.